Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the Beginning…

“In the beginning” Ruth Busby Wright (1916 – 2008), and her husband, Charles Robert Wright (1914 – 1990), co founders of Lighting and Lamp, and parents of Patsy Burks, lived each day to the fullest, giving all of the glory to God. Mr. and Mrs. Wright were living examples of faith, perseverance and sharing, all with no complaining and always…always surrounded by family and friends.

Quoted by Patsy at her mother’s funeral August 28, 2008 “All my life Mother taught me how to live and for these past few months she taught me how to die.” Grace and Dignity immediately come to mind as we are introduced to this family. These two words are symbols of their character.

Some people may be surprised and pleased, at the involvement Lighting and Lamp has in our city. Of course, they have a wonderful showroom in Pelham, AL with beautiful “lights and lamps”, chandeliers, ceiling fans, mirrors and lovely artwork and gifts. How inspiring the relationship this whole family has had, and continues in the Big Oak Ranch with John Croyle, the late Mr. Hall Thompson, Chick-fil-A, the Bruno’s who almost anyone from Birmingham are familiar, the list just goes on and on. Ruth Wright was one of the first contributors for the Shelby County YMCA as well as Jim Burks being on the Board. Mr. and Mrs. Wright were involved with Dawson Memorial Baptist Church from 1940 – 1984 when they left due to Charles’ poor health, at which time they joined a church closer to home.

Philippians 1:21 ~ "To Live is Christ and to Die is Gain."

What a joy to meet all who are associated with Lighting and Lamp, whether it be employees, friends, or acquaintances. It sounds as if to know this family is to love this family. The legacy these hardworking, dedicated people are leaving with our town and our state is amazing.

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