Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And there was (and still is!) Faith…

In 1951, Charles and Ruth were about to make a big adjustment, following God’s will. When Charles took the job with Associated Grocers (AG), his first responsibility was selling the grocery industry on the idea to even have light bulbs since this had never been done in the Birmingham area. The initial agreement was that AG would purchase and store the light bulbs, thus Vulcan Sales Company, a subsidiary of AG Warehouse was created.

Patsy remembers that her mother, daddy, the Good Lord and Sylvania decided Charles could do this apart from Associated Grocers. After much prayer, and a leap of faith, he purchased the inventory and truck from AG for $15,000. As the inventory was depleted he had to place an order with Sylvania. This account was set up as Charles R. Wright dba Vulcan Sales Co. with a credit allowance of only $1,000 each month.

What a large amount of money for that day and time! They knew God had to take care of them, and the business. Ruth always gave God all the credit for all success through the years. Instead of using words like “good luck”, she would say “I am so blessed by God.”

This same faith has always, and continues to carry the family, as well as Lighting and Lamp, through to current day. Randy, now the third generation, is keeping up with the times with the Audio/Video Division. He has seen the increasing need for technology, and has that original faith that was instilled by his grandparents and mother.

Hebrews11:1 ~ "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

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