Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

One of the many accessories Lighting and Lamp offers to decorate and bring your home to life are mirrors. 

Mirrors automatically bring light and depth into rooms. It is almost as though they are moveable colors in any room. They will magnify an area, making a powerful fashion statement, even able to bring the outdoors in when placed near a window. 

In a small room, placing a mirror to reflect a pleasant piece of artwork or nice view will expand and enlarge the space. In an entryway, a mirror may be the perfect place for one last check before dashing out the door each morning. 

A full sized framed mirror placed directly on the floor, resting on a wall can have a dramatic effect at the end of a hall or living room. Use a floor length mirror on a blank wall with drapes on either side to add softness in a bedroom. 

A large mirror will add dimension and create atmosphere in a dining room. Use multiple mirrors in a grouping, as you would artwork. Adding candles or a lamp nearby reflect extra brightness.

Visit Lighting and Lamp's showroom in Pelham. Annie is anxious to tour the showroom with you, guiding you through the many gorgeous options from vendors such as family owned Uttermost. You will certainly be in awe over the colors, shapes and sizes. 

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