Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lighting Designers

Lighting and Lamp offers lighting design. Whether you have relocated into your dream home, want to renew your current castle, or provide updated lighting for your employees in the workplace, an experienced designer can guide you in choosing the best options for each room. Lighting has changed over the years with the introduction of LED lighting and the variety of bulbs that are available.

An example is in a family room, layering the light and controlling these layers individually. This allows flexibility for basic lighting with a striking chandelier and adding lamps or sconces at either end of the sofa for reading .

Task lighting is a necessity in the kitchen with everything from food preparation to homework happening, and maybe at the same time! A chandelier with a Lutron dimmer in the dining room allows for ambient lighting.  Chandeliers allow you to express your individuality as there are unlimited options in sizes, shapes and finishes. A lamp on the buffet or wall sconces add layers of light and personality.

We all know our work stations should not have windows behind our computer monitors, bright lights glaring on our screens and even reflections from polished surfaces such as a keyboard. These can cause eye strain and are at least annoying. Lighting and Lamp has the knowledge to suggest the correct lighting for your office space.

Designing, selling, and installing fixtures, our team can provide as much help as you need and want, accomplishing energy management, cost savings and function.

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