Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas is Here!

The Christmas season is upon us. While there are trees to decorate, shopping to do, and menus to plan, we will also be remembering the reason for the season.
Rather than allowing our time and energy to be consumed with all things commercial this Christmas, enjoy spending time with family and friends, rather than feeling burdened.
  • Attend a candlelight service
  • Take a night to drive through Oak Mountain Amphitheater to marvel over Christmas lights and decorations with your family or a car load of friends. Take hot chocolate and enjoy!
  • Decorate a Gingerbread house with your favorite little ones
  • Sing Christmas carols ~ Loud!
  • Gather the family around with popcorn and enjoy a Christmas movie night together
Spend time rather than money for gifts this year. Elderly friends will enjoy a visit, no need for expensive things. Elderly family and friends may also need assistance with yard work or chores. Children love attention and time. Commit to spending time playing games or making cookies.

Enjoy traditions with your family, and have fun conversations creating new ones this year.

Family owned and operated Lighting and Lamp enjoys this season of joy, spending it with family and making new friends. Click here to read a story about their Christmas of sharing

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's December! Christmas is Right Around the Corner...

Can you believe Christmas is in just over three weeks??
But wait! Do not let stress burden you during this most joyful season! When it comes to gift giving, do not spend yourself into debt buying Christmas presents. Sometime, less is more. 
Table by SWAG Home Staging
Give gifts that people will love that do not cost much, if any money such as:
  • Give cards to elderly friends, promising to visit once each month. Plan to take lunch when you go
  • Write a note to sick or elderly friends offering to run errands that they need help with such as bank, grocery store, or doctor appointments
  • Give an "IOU" to people who need help raking leaves or cleaning inside the house
  • See a single mom paying in front of you at a fast food restaurant? Pick up her tab, or slide your debit card in the grocery store line
  • Give a gift card to parents for an afternoon or night of babysitting, single or married they will appreciate some adult time
  • Hand made gifts are the best, whether it is baked goods, jewelry or a scarf
  • Start a Christmas club account now for next year. Whether you buy gifts or donate, the money will be there when the time arrives
Looking back at Charles and Ruth Wright's lives, founders of Lighting and Lamp, the example they set reminds us that joy is not in "things". Joy shows in our actions toward others. What a great reward for us to know that we made a difference in a child's Christmas, or filled an afternoon for a home bound person who enjoys the company.

Fill your Christmas holiday with joy, not stress.