Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ Entryway and Stairs

Perhaps with a new year you have decided to update, rearrange and renew your home! While decluttering, arranging and decorating, do not neglect your lighting. While you may not be aware of lighting each time you enter a room, it will certainly be obvious if it is dark or shadowed.

An entryway may have natural light coming in from windows in the area. There may be an overhead light in a small entry, however a double height entry requires a chandelier with lighting controls at both the bottom and top of the stairs. Stairways should be brightly lit for safety, but can be beautiful at the same time. Recessed fixturesceiling-mounted fixtures or wall sconces provide ambient lighting in hallways and staircases.

Position directional fixtures if displaying paintings or photographs in a hall or stairway. Accent lighting is an excellent way to to feature artwork.

The professionals at Lighting and Lamp will provide skill and experience in locating and aiming proper bulbs and lumens to avoid glare and ensure that artwork is not damaged.  

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