Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ For Your Kitchen...

It is the beginning of a new year!  Many of us have made New Year's resolutions to clean out and clean up our houses! While decorating and decluttering, remember to evaluate your lighting throughout your home. When appropriate lighting is in place, it may not gain attention, but if it is poor it will certainly be noticeable. Take into consideration the activities that will happen in each room when deciding on lighting options.
Kitchen by SWAG Home Staging
Our kitchens are practically the most important room in our home! Since it is January, kitchens bring to mind comfort food by the crock pot full, delicious aromas wafting from that direction, homework being worked on, chatter from little ones, and lively conversations as everyone catches up on each other's day. Kitchens need task lighting directly over counter tops and the sink area. Under cabinet lighting is a great option as it lights the direct area with no shadows from the person working. 

A casual chandelier over the table will allow bright light for homework, bill paying as well as enjoying a family dinner. Chandeliers are a delightful way to add personality to your kitchen. Adding a dimmer to the switch can allow softer light when desired. Pendant lights are a beautiful way to provide adequate lighting over an island.

The experienced team at Lighting and Lamp is excited to combine their knowledge with your ideas and needs to make your kitchen shine! 

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