Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ For Your Living Room...

With a new year comes the effort of getting organized. In order to complete a feel of organization, lighting in a home is necessary to consider.  When appropriate lighting is in place, it might not gain great attention, but if lighting is poor, even the smallest task can be frustrating. While contemplating light choices, take into account several items before making those decisions. The purpose of your room, multiple light sources and comfort.
Our living rooms and family rooms are exactly what they say they are! Rooms to live in and celebrate being a family! When decorating, and thinking of activities that take place in the most popular space in our home, lighting may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but if lighting is not “right”, it will certainly be noticed! Proper lighting is one of the things that you may not realize, unless it is not right!

To accommodate reading, watching television, playing board games, conversation and entertaining, layered lighting is important. Task lighting is absolutely necessary for reading. There are many varieties of lamps, all shapes, colors and sizes from table top to floor lamps. Floor lamp torchieres with translucent globes facing upward provide soft light with no shadows. Lamps are great for board games, visiting, and laptop use as well.

What is ambient lighting? Rather than recessed downlights, ambient lighting bounces from the ceiling creating brightness in the room without shadows. Wash your walls with light using valance lighting or track lighting that is directed toward the walls. If there is an entertainment center, bookcase or curio cabinet, adding a piece of millwork and a slim linear fluorescent with good color rendering will add instant warmness. Dimmers allow flexibility in amount of light depending on the current activity.

Accenting artwork, a beautiful fireplace or plant is a great way to add warm light, as well as show off your favorite prize!

It is a new year! Take a look around your family room and make it Shine! Lighting and Lamp's experts are happy to guide you in your new adventure.

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