Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ Outdoors!

When lighting your outdoor area, safety and security are top priorities. Also important for many of us is to make our outdoor living area beautiful! The front entryway should be brightly lit to ensure safety. Bright light illuminates steps, mats, and other obstacles. You may choose an overhead light directly at the front door, then a pair of matching wall-mounted fixtures flanking the door. If there is a sidewalk, lighting the pathway is important for safety. 

For the main yard and gardens, lower levels of lighting are safer than several brightly lit areas, which accentuate darker areas. Lighting areas close to the house allow for entertaining. Lighting a patio is the perfect atmosphere for a family game night or grilling for a celebration. Accenting a plant close to a glass door will avoid reflections from indoors. This allows you to see something beyond the reflections when indoors.

Adding lights midway in the yard enlarges your outdoor living area. Adding highlights to a beautiful tree or lighting a pathway through the garden allows more scenery for an outdoor room. 

Showcase your prize rose garden by illuminating a far corner of the yard. Adding path lights around your fence allows you to enjoy your entire outdoor living space.

Outdoor environments can be brutal on even quality fixtures. Contact Lighting & Lamp to assist in choosing the most durable, beautiful fixtures that will provide many years of enjoyment for your outdoor living space!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ The Right Light for a Bedroom

Happy New Year! What better time to rearrange our home, making room for the new and throwing out the old! When changing out pillows or rearranging furniture, take a look around at the lighting. When the lighting is the correct choice in a room, you never even think about the effectiveness of the lighting. However, it is very apparent that it is not right if lighting is too dim, or is casting shadows.

When we think of our bedrooms, maybe we think of escape, quiet, soft surroundings with meaningful items that personalize our space. We spend time in our bedrooms sleeping, reading, or even just plain daydreaming! It should reflect our personalities and be the most comfortable room in our house. It should be the place we go to truly be still and relax.

The lighting in our bedrooms should be consistent with "rest". While we prefer dark to sleep, there should be an overhead light, a beautiful chandelier or stunning ceiling fan. A Lutron dimmer on the overhead light is an excellent idea for softer glow when bright light is not necessary.

Task lighting is essential for reading or needlework. A small chandelier over a nightstand, gorgeous wall sconces or lovely table lamps are options. Soft light at face level is more comfortable than direct light from overhead. Remote lighting controls are available for more convenience. 

Closets need good light for matching colors when dressing. Have you ever left the closet with mismatched shoes? Remember to keep bulbs 12 inches from the rod or upper shelf ensuring safety.

The experts at Lighting and Lamp in Pelham are available to discuss your wants and needs. They will be happy to assist you in obtaining the perfect light for your bedroom.

Exodus 33:14 ~ And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ Lighting for Your Dining Room

A new year brings refreshment! If you are making changes and updating your home, don't ignore your lighting. It may not be noticeable if the lighting is wonderful, but if the lighting is too dark or dim, it is obvious. Perhaps it is time to upgrade your lighting plan throughout your home.

Most of us probably have a chandelier in our dining rooms. Is it up to date? A chandelier is a great way to express our personalities and can set the tone for the room. If your current chandelier is still as beautiful and you love it as much as you did when you chose it or moved in your home, consider adding a Lutron dimmer. Your dining room is the place where everything from parties with a buffet to festive holiday feasts or intimate anniversary dinners are celebrated. Dimmers allow the brightest of light, making everything shine brilliantly, to soft, warm light creating coziness. If your table is large, two chandeliers can be stunning! 

If there are French doors leading outdoors from your dining room, adding light outside shining back in adds ambiance back into the room. This can also solve the problem of glass reflection at night, allowing something to see beyond your own reflection.

Is there art in your dining room? Accent lighting will accentuate your exquisite painting. Wall sconces and small table lamps are also lovely options, adding subtle soft light. 

Our designers at Lighting and Lamp in Pelham, have virtually unlimited choices from traditional, contemporary, southwestern, eclectic and everything in between! They are excited to combine your ideas and style with their experience to coordinate the perfect lighting for your dining room. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Beauty for your Valentine?? Beatriz Ball of Course!!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. What will you surprise your true love with this year? You may be surprised, but Lighting and Lamp may be able to offer you the perfect gift! A Beatriz Ball gift is at the top of the light of your life's list, whether she is your true love, mother, sister or best friend. 

Wedding season is just around the corner as well. Is there a a bride in your future. Beatriz Ball gifts are the pride and joys handed down through the generations. With many collections to choose from including gifts of faith, garden, western, ocean and many more, there is sure to be a favorite. Choose a picture frame for your favorite bride and groom to display a wedding portrait. A practical, but beautiful giraffe tray for a newborn's nursery is a true treasure.

Beatriz Ball began in 1991 when Bea began working with skilled metalware artisans outside of Mexico City, creating innovative designs in a special alloy of many metals. Many of those metalworkers are still employed in their foundry in Mexico. "The pieces are made entirely by hand, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting; pouring a premium quality of molten aluminum into sand molds, and then going through four levels of polishing. More than twelve sets of hands are involved in the creation of each piece. The result is a piece with a depth of character, warmth and personality that communicates in a way that only a handmade piece can." ~ Bea Ball

Beatriz Ball is recognized in popular magazines across the country such as:
Stop in and tour all of the lovelies Lighting and Lamp has to offer. Brides will be pleased to find wedding party gifts and companies will admire corporate awards. You will not be disappointed with their stunning selection of gifts! Enjoy your visit and don't forget to choose something splendid for yourself!