Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ Lighting for Your Dining Room

A new year brings refreshment! If you are making changes and updating your home, don't ignore your lighting. It may not be noticeable if the lighting is wonderful, but if the lighting is too dark or dim, it is obvious. Perhaps it is time to upgrade your lighting plan throughout your home.

Most of us probably have a chandelier in our dining rooms. Is it up to date? A chandelier is a great way to express our personalities and can set the tone for the room. If your current chandelier is still as beautiful and you love it as much as you did when you chose it or moved in your home, consider adding a Lutron dimmer. Your dining room is the place where everything from parties with a buffet to festive holiday feasts or intimate anniversary dinners are celebrated. Dimmers allow the brightest of light, making everything shine brilliantly, to soft, warm light creating coziness. If your table is large, two chandeliers can be stunning! 

If there are French doors leading outdoors from your dining room, adding light outside shining back in adds ambiance back into the room. This can also solve the problem of glass reflection at night, allowing something to see beyond your own reflection.

Is there art in your dining room? Accent lighting will accentuate your exquisite painting. Wall sconces and small table lamps are also lovely options, adding subtle soft light. 

Our designers at Lighting and Lamp in Pelham, have virtually unlimited choices from traditional, contemporary, southwestern, eclectic and everything in between! They are excited to combine your ideas and style with their experience to coordinate the perfect lighting for your dining room. 

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