Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Bright Shining New Year ~ Outdoors!

When lighting your outdoor area, safety and security are top priorities. Also important for many of us is to make our outdoor living area beautiful! The front entryway should be brightly lit to ensure safety. Bright light illuminates steps, mats, and other obstacles. You may choose an overhead light directly at the front door, then a pair of matching wall-mounted fixtures flanking the door. If there is a sidewalk, lighting the pathway is important for safety. 

For the main yard and gardens, lower levels of lighting are safer than several brightly lit areas, which accentuate darker areas. Lighting areas close to the house allow for entertaining. Lighting a patio is the perfect atmosphere for a family game night or grilling for a celebration. Accenting a plant close to a glass door will avoid reflections from indoors. This allows you to see something beyond the reflections when indoors.

Adding lights midway in the yard enlarges your outdoor living area. Adding highlights to a beautiful tree or lighting a pathway through the garden allows more scenery for an outdoor room. 

Showcase your prize rose garden by illuminating a far corner of the yard. Adding path lights around your fence allows you to enjoy your entire outdoor living space.

Outdoor environments can be brutal on even quality fixtures. Contact Lighting & Lamp to assist in choosing the most durable, beautiful fixtures that will provide many years of enjoyment for your outdoor living space!

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