Thursday, March 12, 2015

Home Automation for Safety and Energy Savings

Lighting and Lamp is more than 'just lighting and lamps'. Randy Calhoun and his team are experienced with smart home technology and enjoy assisting friends and clients. Home automation is not just for the rich and famous anymore. While you may think of it as futuristic, more and more people are turning to smart home technology. 

One of the main reasons for updating your home is safety. With the push of a button, lights are on when you get home rather than pulling into a dark drive or walking into a dark house. With the modern capabilities and access to smartphones and tablets, you can instantly check appliances to confirm you did turn that coffee pot off this morning! It is an amazing relief to be able to check on elderly parents, or teenagers home alone after school. There is peace of mind knowing your parents' stove is off or your teen did not overflow the sink trying to 'help'!

Home automation is available from very small scale to the most elaborate! There are many options to choose from. Many people begin with lighting. Linking your smart phone to your house allows the lighting to be adjusted from anywhere. Occupancy sensors are great on stairways and dark paths outdoors. You can customize your system to automatically turn lights on at dark and even close your window shades.

Energy savings is a great reason to invest in smart home technology. Programming thermostats and lights to go off during the day when no one is home will save bundles! Being able to check in if you were not the last to leave home assures all lights and appliances are off during the day. Occupancy sensors ensure that lights are off in empty spaces, especially closets and bathrooms. Remote controls allow easier access for dimming lights and closing shades.

Everyone is about comfort of course! Home automation allows for the maximum comfort level when you are in your home. Programming window shades to lower during the warm part of the day and raise when the sun is down keeps the temperature in your home consistent. Dimmer switches allow for task or mood lighting. 

Home automation systems are convenient to install in new construction and existing homes as well. Wireless solutions offer convenient installation. Available for commercial and personal homes, you will not be disappointed in the choices and options available from Lighting and Lamp. With your smart phone, tablet and remote controls, your home can be controlled with the push of a button! 

Ruth and Charles Wright opened the first Lighting & Lamp in downtown Birmingham in 1954. Patsy Wright Burks learned this "Business by Grace" from her parents. Still family owned and operated, Randy Calhoun fulfills his dream everyday, providing lighting solutions and smart home technology for home owners, builders and commercial properties. Lighting & Lamp, located in Pelham, Alabama, provides lighting services in Alabaster, Birmingham, Calera, Chelsea, Clanton, Helena, Hoover, Montevallo, Mountain Brook, Pelham, Trussville, Tuscaloosa, and Vestavia Hills.


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