Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bring in the Lumens! Watts are a Thing of the Past...

Lumens are the newest way of knowing how bright a lamp is says Lighting and Lamp! 

Lumens and Watts

The higher the lumen rating the brighter the lamp is. Lumens are the actual amount of ambient lighting coming from a lamp according to Department of Energy

For starters, 10 watts in an LED light are equal to 60 watts conventional which means saving money for you! 60 watts conventional is equivalent to 14 watts in a CFL (Compact Flourescent Light). To obtain about the same brightness as a 60 watt conventional bulb would provide, you will need an LED lamp with around 800 lumens. Lamp packages are clearly marked.

Lighting and Lamp's suggestion below to compare watts to lumens:

  • 25 watts = 230-270 lumens in a lamp
  • 35 watts = 250-280 lumens in a spotlight
  • 40 watts = 440-460 lumens in a lamp
  • 50 watts = 330-400 lumens in an spotlight
  • 60 watts = 800-850 lumens in a lamp
  • 75 watts = 1000-1100 lumens in a lamp
There are different lighting needs in each room of our homes. Kitchens, living areas and bedrooms need specific task lighting for reading, homework, games, etc.

Below is a chart with Lighting and Lamp's suggestions of lumens needed for each room:

  • Living Room - 400 - 500
  • Reading  Area - 400
  • Kitchen - 300-400
  • Kitchen Task Area - 700-800
  • Hallways - 300
  • Bedrooms - 300-400
  • Bedrooms Reading Area - 700-800
  • Bathrooms - 500-600 
  • Bathrooms Mirror Area - 700-800
These numbers can be adjusted to fit your personal comfort. 

Lighting & Lamp's experienced lighting team has suggestions to offer the best lighting for each area of your home with beautiful options. Contact them today with your ideas and requests. They are sure to have the perfect solution to bring your home to light.

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