Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Myths about LED Lighting...

There are several myths about LED lights that we would like to address as summer approaches and you may be thinking of upgrading your landscaping lighting in the Birmingham and surrounding areas
Some think that LED lighting may not be as bright as incandescent lighting. This is not true. A light bulb is guaged by its wattage, meaning a 60 watt bulb is brighter than a 40 watt bulb. This also means a 60 watt bulb uses more electricity, which also means an increase in cost. LED lights produce lumens, a measure of brightness. You have to consider the number of lumens an LED bulb produces. For example, a 29 watt LED light produces about 2600 lumens, which is about the same as a 150 watt incandescent bulb. Keep in mind also, brighter is not always better. At night, brighter lights can cause glare and shadows. This can cost more in electricity unnecessarily, as well as give intruders a place to hide easier. 

It is often mistakingly thought that LED lights put off a cold, unflattering bluish light. This may have previously been the case; however as quality has improved, light is not limited to the bluish effect once seen. There is now a wide selection of color temperatures available which determine the light color. Most homeowners are choosing a pure white light for landscape lighting, sometimes choosing a warm white that is nice against brick. The bluish tinted bulbs are usually chosen for underwater lighting for a nice effect. 

It may be tempting to allow your landscaper or general contractor to install outdoor lighting. It is a better choice to allow a lighting professional to discuss options, choices and needs with you. While your landscaper is a professional and has experience with ... well, landscaping, they may not have the electrical knowledge and lighting experience to provide you the best solution for your money. Our experienced team of lighting specialists have the knowledge and training that will beautifully brighten your outdoor living area.

Initially choosing LED lighting may seem more expensive than other choices of lighting, but over the life of a bulb, there is substantial savings. LED bulbs last much longer, up to 20 years with 4 hours of use each day. The electricity savings is substantial as well. 

Contact the friendly team at Lighting and Lamp today for more information on updating and/or replacing your outdoor lighting. With your ideas and their experience, you are sure to be pleased.

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